Siddhant Dubey

Hi, I’m Sid Dubey

I’m a student at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM), a programmer, and an aspiring writer.

I love Machine Learning, Software Development, and competitive programming. I’m also a big proponent of looking at things like a child would, almost as if you’re seeing them for the first time. It’s a refreshing way to look at the world and allows you to constantly be learning new things. I produce content that helps developers, students, and everyone else look at technology and life in this manner, with a mindset aimed towards lifelong learning.

Here’s a collection of my best work:

  • An Introduction to Cybersecurity and CTFs - Capture the Flag contests are a great way to improve your problem solving skills in addition to your programming and cybersecurity skills. Best of all, they're fun! I wrote this piece to help people get started quickly with these wonderful contests.
  • How I used a Convolutional Neural Network to Classify Cricket Shots - This article describes my experience applying Machine Learning to classify the shots batsmen take in a game of cricket. I go through obtaining a data, training a model, and then deploying that model as a web app.

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